… and one day the end comes

Now raise your heads
And watch the first stars rise
Above the Hidden city;
for these shall be our last,
oh they shall be our last!

The seed of deceit
Grew in the purest womb of all,
the White Queen bore the child
of a Dark One;
heart and bone, they’re rot,
he’s consumed in anger and envy!
The silveryfooted young princess
Has been betrothed to a man…
A man!

Love, love is the answer,
for love will conquer and ruin,
it will burn and shatter and save.

Standing on the Steel Door
The Fountain Prince is ever aware,
he sees terror approaching;
“To arms, to arms,
demons and dragons and orcs!
To arms, defend the fortress!”

The silver horn sounds
And wakes all the city;
the king on his tower
shivers and sighs.

Fear and deceit will reign this night,
the walls will not hold,
love has turned into madness,
and we are falling, falling,
franticly falling,
and by sunrise
the world of the elves
will lay in ruins.


All stand on the walls,
all ready to fight,
all ready to die;
we all were so confident,
we thought Gondolin
would never fall;
but now we are aware,
weed grows between tulips,
and thrives, prospers,
and one day…

and one day the end comes,
and you’re unaware,
and it’s all too late.

The black tide can’t be held,
it’s wiping out all the beauty
and the bliss and the glory
of this dream we thought would never end.

This is our painful dream,
in agony we’re awoken,
we’re cast into a scream of woe.

The Princes gather, all brave, all foolish,
all deluded.
The Fountain, the Tree, the Golden Flower,
they stand next to the Wing,
next to the bearer of hope,
making their last stand.

But darkness is there.
It’s coming.
Step by step,
it approaches;
the earth pounds,
the sky weeps.
It’s the end.
It’s the end.
The end…

None can stand against him,
it’s Darkness himself,
the Black King’s right hand,
he’s a storm of fire
wiping out the helpless light
that stands in its way.

But out of the night came shining
The last ray of hope;
it’s foolish, it’s useless,
it’s a vain heroism caused by delirium!
But only sacrifice can bring hope,
from death only can life come,
from friendship victory.
He hurls himself at the enemy,
the fair-voiced prince!

“Pain and disease, agony and grief,
in these last moments,
they don’t matter anymore.
The waters of my fountain,
-how ironic!-
soothe my pain as I fall,
drowning darkness down into the light,
cleansing fire into the water.
Against the storm of chaos and terror
I choose to sacrifice,
to give life to those I love;
is it right, is it wrong,
I don’t care anymore.
The dream is over, the king will fall,
we’ll lie side by side
in the ruins of our city;
but this doesn’t matter anymore
I’m cold in the last night,
I’m slipping into another reality,
I see the light, I see the snow,
I see a hall…
I’m alive, I’m dead,
nothing matters anymore.”

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