Darkness has spread,
the sky is grieved,
heavy with clouds,
unnaturally burdened
by omens of an ill fate.

Today the sun won’t rise,
today there won’t be any dawn,
today destiny is set,
it is set by us.

The day has come,
the final challenge,
the inevitable end
of centuries of fights.
The walls won’t hold,
the storm will wipe out
the world of Men.

The Captain is on the ground,
he fought valiantly,
he fell as a hero!
Blessed be our Captain,
he dies before the end,
he’s relieved from the pain
of seeing the bitter end.

The King is away,
he’s lost in the halls of dusk,
more among the dead than the living.
Gondor has no king,
Gondor needs no king;
but the Steward lies on the pyre,
and his son on the ground.

Trample the horses
The bodies of the foe,
they bring the sparkle of hope.
A ray of light fighting
Darkness incarnated,
damned to lose itself
victim of its power.

All along the Cyrcling Wall,
the End approaches,
the sun can’t shine,
and the Valar have turned their gaze away.

The Mace strikes, all is lost!
The disease, the decay,
the loss, the pain!

Find the strength,
it’s in your heart,
find the light,
fight the blind,
your body may lay in ruins,
but the spirit will rise!

And darkness falls,
it fades away,
shrieking in the air,
all is still for a moment,
and light fades
after the victory.

But the King is away,
he’s lost in the sea,
Gondor needs a King,
Gondor needs a Healer,
for hope is fading out,
the inflexible wheel of time
rushes us towards the end,
the bell of oblivion
is about to toll.

The land is burnt,
the disease spreads,
it bites at the heart,
it shatters hope,
and dawn won’t ever rise again
over the world of Men.

Then from the sea
comes the final omen,
for good or for ill who could tell?
The ship of doom
now bears the light,
hope is revived
as the Heir approaches.

And the newborn kings
meet again on the field;
yet all stand between them
the armies of Mordor;
time has run out,
but the wheel has changed its course,
fate has moved away,
for the sun is setting afar,
down in the Hidden Lands,
where the Valar now look
towards the struggle of Men.

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